Dr Rafiq Hasan

Rafiq has pursued a highly successful career in the pharma industry globally, including senior positions in ophthalmology with Bayer and Novartis. Most recently as SVP and Global Head of Ophthalmology at Bayer, Rafiq grew the business of Eylea® from launch to over USD 2.5bn in 5 years, including its launch in 5 indications in 3 years.

Prof Simon J. Clark
Founder & Acting CSO

Simon is the Helmut Ecker Endowed Professor of AMD and leads a research team studying the molecular mechanisms behind AMD. Simon has contributed to a number of advancements in our understanding of how the Complement System is implicated in disease.

Prof Paul Bishop
Founder & Acting CMO

Paul is a world-leading ophthalmologist and an acknowledged clinical and molecular expert in AMD, as well as an entrepreneur.

Dr Richard Unwin
Founder & Acting CTO

Richard leads research programmes in Manchester studying protein levels in a range of human diseases, including AMD, identifying novel disease pathways, markers and therapeutic targets.

Dr Mustafa Munye
Director of R&D Operations

Mustafa has significant industry experience in the discovery and development of cell and gene therapies gained at GSK and CGTC. He has previously led process and analytical development for AAV, CAR-T and PSC derived cell therapy products to support FIH and late-stage clinical studies. Mustafa serves as a board member of the British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy working in pan-industry/academia working groups to overcome common barriers to translation and commercialisation of Advanced Therapies.

Harry Kwong
Programme Manager

Harry has a biochemistry and biochemical engineering background from Imperial College and UCL. He has diverse experience working in cross-functional and founding teams to build early-stage biotech developing ATMP. He has previously led process development at LIfT Biosciences and later supported the company in fundraising, strategies & operations and orchestrating timely milestone deliveries. Harry completed his MBA in 2021.

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